Anne-Laurie Forbes

Heyyy- I am the host and creator of the

Plus HER podcast


A Stepmom's Journey podcast was created with you in mind. I am a stepmom to two amazing boys. I started my stepmom journey in my early twenties, clueless, looking for stepmom role models to ask for advice and seek guidance but there was no one in sight.


Women were not shouting from the rooftop that they were stepmoms, more like whispering it to their friends in a corner. Although becoming a stepmom was nothing new under the sun, it still felt taboo and I felt like I was holding on to a dirty little secret.I felt alone in my experience and often times felt judged or misunderstood when my secret was revealed. 

I created this podcast so stepmoms can share their stories and hear the stories of other women who are in similar shoes to feel understood and not alone on their journey. 

Check out episode 2 - “Once upon a time” to hear a little more about the beginning of my journey.