1. What is Stepmom Confidential?


Stepmom Confidential is an online support group created for Stepmoms.


A video conference call scheduled the third Thursday of every month at 8:00 p.m. EST held via Zoom Meeting.


2. How can I participate?


To participate, please send us an email at  hello@plusher.ca

Instructions on how to register will be emailed to you. 

3. Is there a fee to participate?


Stepmom Confidential is free of charge. All you need to do is register by contacting me!


4. With my fluctuating schedule, I cannot commit to every other Thursday. Can I still join sometimes?


Yes! Absolutely. Once registered, Join whenever you can!


5. How can I be sure this is truly confidential?


In order to create a safe space for stepmoms to share their ups and downs, Stepmom Confidential sessions are held off social media. Participants must contact PlusHerJourney to register in order to receive the invitation. This is by invitation only. Nothing discussed will be shared on any social media platforms.


6. I want to participate but do not feel comfortable sharing my ups and downs with a large group of people.


Not a problem. Stepmom Confidential Sessions are small and intimate. We can be as little as 2 participants  or a max of 8 during the session. This is to ensure everyone has the time to speak their minds and have the support needed.


7. How long are the sessions?


Depending on the amount of participants the session can run anytime between 1 hr to 1hr and a half.


8. Do I have to share my story on the podcast if I participate in Stepmom Confidential?


You are not obligated to share your journey on the podcast in order to participate in Stepmom Confidential. I understand not everyone is ready to share their stories publicly. Some of us just need a listening ear, someone we can vent to and have some support. Stepmom Confidential will be the perfect place.